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Adoption fee - cat65.00
Adoption fee - dog140.00
After hours emergency response50.00
Animal disposal – owned25.00
Cat trap fee – non refundable *1 week rental25.00
Daily maintenance – dog aggressive/quarantine20.00
Daily maintenance fee – dog/cat15.00
Disposal Fee for euthanasia15.00
Education Course (1 hour course in lieu of fee for citation)40.00
Euthanasia – owned animals at shelter only50.00
Field tranquilization for aggressive animal35.00
Fines for Civil Violations – per offense for each second subsequent offense(s), committed within 36 months500.00
Fines for Civil Violations – per offense for the first offense250.00
Impound – initial fee for feline20.00
Impound – initial fee if licensed dog20.00
Impound – initial fee if unlicensed dog35.00
Kennel permit – Late fee25.00
Kennel permit – processing fee Class I150.00
Kennel permit – processing fee Class II150.00
Kennel permit – processing fee Class III150.00
Kennel permit – processing fee Commercial Class IV450.00
Kennel permit – Reinspection fee *if first inspection if failed50.00
License – altered dog (1 year)15.00
License – altered dog (1 year) *Senior 62 YOA6.00
License – altered dog (3 year)35.00
License – altered dog (3 year) *Senior 62 YOA18.00
License – altered late fee (per month)2.00
License – replacement tag8.00
License – unaltered dog (1 year only)30.00
License – unaltered dog late fee (per month)4.00
Microchip implant & registration – adoption only20.00
Microchip implant & registration – owned20.00
Quarantine – brought to shelter by owner225.00
Quarantine – impound in field250.00
Quarantine – owner surrender225.00
Recovery fee for Impounded Animal50.00
Surrender owned – 1st animal at shelter40.00
Surrender owned – 1st animal in field70.00
Surrender owned – each additional at shelter10.00
Surrender owned – each additional in field15.00
Animal Control
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Animal Control
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Casa Grande, AZ 85194

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