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Surrendering a Pet

What is an "Open Admission" Shelter?
In contrast to “closed or limited admission” shelters, PCACC is an “open admission” shelter and must accept every domestic animal in need regardless of age, breed, temperament, appearance or medical condition. However, open admission does not include animals coming from a city that has their own animal control agency. These cities include Casa Grand, Eloy, and Apache Junction.
About Surrendering a Pet

Are Animals "Euthanized" at Animal Care and Control?
Yes. As an open admission shelter, PCACC may be forced to humanely euthanize a healthy, adoptable animal simply because of a lack of space. As a high intake facility, kennel capacity continually plays a role in determining the number of animals that may need to be euthanized.

Other reasons an animal may be euthanized at an open admission shelter include those considered “unadoptable”:

  • An animal is suffering from a behavioral issue that poses a threat or safety risk to potential adopters and the community; and/or
  • An animal is sick and/or suffering from a medical condition that adversely impacts its well-being and quality of life and from which it is not likely to recover.

Pinal County follows the best practices of shelter management with two goals in mind:

  1. Moving the maximum number of adoptable animals into rescue organizations or into adoptive homes and
  2. Limiting euthanasia to sick/injured/suffering/feral or aggressive animals whenever possible.

About Surrendering a Pet

Does Animal Care and Control Attempt to Place as Many Animals as Possible?
Yes. Every effort is made. The shelter works with many rescue and animal welfare groups as well as with the public in order to find placements for as many adoptable animals as possible.

About Surrendering a Pet

I Cannot Keep an Animal. Are there any Alternatives to Surrendering an Animal to an Open Admission Shelter?
Depending upon your circumstances and why you need to surrender an animal, there may be other alternatives available. Following is a list of common reasons for owner surrenders, with available resources and ideas that you may find helpful. Help us save more animals by taking responsibility for yours. The best place and chances for a good life for your pet is in your home with you, as there is ALWAYS a surplus of pets awaiting a home in our shelter and others.

About Surrendering a Pet

Printed Resource Material
Please ask a staff member for availability of printed resource material you may take with or about any questions you may have on the following.

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