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Letter to the Editor - Justice served and Pinal safer with dangerous criminals in Prison
Date: 6/29/2013
Letter to the Editor - Justice served and Pinal safer with dangerous criminals in Prison
Justice served and Pinal safer with dangerous criminals in Prison
The core function of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office is to administer justice and I remain humbled to serve as your Pinal County Attorney.  I continue to restore justice for victims and to prosecute the most dangerous and violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law.
I brought significant changes to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office and appreciate the opportunity to share some of them.  When I took office, I immediately reorganized the Pinal County Attorney’s Office to a more modern and effective vertical-style prosecution, which ASU Law is researching as a model for other county prosecutor’s offices.   For attorneys, vertical-style prosecution creates a working knowledge of criminal activity and specific criminals by placing them into a local area to work directly with law enforcement and residents.  I emplaced a management team of Bureau Chiefs, whose current resources now allow them to vigorously prosecute cases and support victim’s rights.  These current resources include staff to properly manage caseloads and meet disclosure requirements mandated by the Rules of Criminal Procedure.
No victim should suffer further and no criminal should escape punishment at the hands of disjointed law enforcement.  Enthusiastic law enforcement officers now tell me of their newly invigorated desire to work with my office.  They trust, and rightfully so that we now prosecute cases and know that we join with them in their duty to serve and protect the residents of Pinal County.
For the past six months, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office made clear to criminals facing mandatory prison sentences, we offer no sanctuary for their dangerous crimes by pleading them down to probation – between January and May of this year, 100 percent of the cases charged by my office carrying a mandatory prison charge received a prison sentence.
Due to the change in culture, restructuring of the way we receive, review, and charge cases, and the additional paralegals in the Pinal County Attorney’s Office, I proudly recognize the value-driven work and results of my team.
Tiffany Davila
County Attorney's PIO
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