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Voyles: Statement on potential threat against Grand Jury Foreman
Date: 10/21/2013
Voyles: Statement on potential threat against Grand Jury Foreman

FLORENCE, AZ (10/21/13) – Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles issued the following statement regarding threat to a Pinal County Grand Jury Foreman:
“No thinking person would joke about having a bomb in their carryon baggage as they board a plane because they understand security officials will necessarily have to take the comment seriously to protect the public.
“I guarantee public threats made against judicial authorities, particularly jurors, are treated the same way and for the same reasons.  In this case, the foreman of a Pinal County Grand Jury was threatened in the performance of his sworn duty in a note left on his personal vehicle telling him he was not safe in his own home, if he didn't vote a defendant ‘not guilty.’
“Just as what would happen at an airport or the entrance to the courthouse, this threat to the rule of law was met with an immediate, professional and appropriate response.  The note was analyzed and the writer quickly identified through an exhaustive all out investigation in the tradition of the best law enforcement agencies in the world.  The results revealed an innocent waitress was duped into writing the threat by people who viewed the hoax as ‘a joke.’
“No drill or training exercise establishes more clearly the readiness of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office to defend the rule of law in Pinal County.  Nevertheless, the trauma inflicted on the foreman, the risk of wrongful arrest for the innocent writer of the note, the great expense of the all-out investigation by PCSO, and most importantly, the overall potential risk of tampering with the integrity of our judicial system requires my office’s action.  Any risk to our criminal justice system requires my office act immediately and decisively.”
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