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The Bad Check Program is available through the Pinal County Attorney’s Office to assist businesses and individuals recover losses from bad checks.

Check fraud costs billions of dollars every year.

How to minimize Bad Checks:

  • Identification
    1. Always ask to see the check writer's driver's license or state ID card.
    2. Compare signature on ID to signature on check.
    3. Make sure you are the one who writes the DL # on the check, not the checkwriter.
  • No Identification
    1. If they don’t have a driver's license or state ID card, you should not accept the check.
    2. There is NO requirement for you to accept the check.
    3. At worst, you lose a sale, but you do not lose merchandise and get stuck with a bad check.
If you've received a bad check please contact our office at 520-866-6271 for assistance.