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Pinal County Attorney's Office Veterans Program

Veterans represent the sole group of individuals that Pinal County Attorney identified as wanting to offer them a chance to receive services and rehabilitation, when appropriate, instead of these increased consequences.

With a two prong approach, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office Veterans Program works 1) with community partners on prevention and reintegration efforts and 2) with defense counsel, if a defendant is a veteran.

The second prong of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office Veterans Program is the only one of its kind in Arizona as it has the ability to offer defendants, who are veterans, the opportunity to receive relevant treatment and rehabilitative services, if they committed a felony or misdemeanor that can be linked to a service-related condition.

The Program is not diversion as the defendant may not avoid jail or prison entirely and not all veterans or crimes will be eligible for the program.

On a case by case basis, prosecutors, defense counsel, veteran agencies and community treatment partners will work together as a committee to assess potential mental health, substance abuse, and employment issues, prescribe treatment possibilities, identify treatment services, create a contract and reintegrate the veteran into society.

If the defendant is found suitable for the program, it is still the defendant's option to participate.

If you or someone you know is a veteran facing criminal felony charges in Pinal County, they should ask their defense counsel to notify the assigned prosecutor on the case.