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Victim Survey
Name of your Victim Advocate:
Case Number:
For each statement below, please select the answer that best reflects your opinion about the assistance you received. Your input is useful in improving services and recognizing those employees who perform above and beyond expectations. We also use this information for grant reporting purposes. If a question does not apply to your situation/experience, please check the Not Applicable column.
My Victim Advocate...  
Was helpful in dealing with my request or concern
Explained my rights as a victim
Answered my questions about the court system
Notification of court hearings...  
I received timely notification of all court hearings
I have an increased ability to cope with this situation
I have increased feelings of well-being
I feel believed/not alone
I have an increased understanding of the effects of trauma and victimization
I have a better ability to assess my safety needs
I know how to plan for my continued safety
My safety situation has improved
I have an increased understanding of the legal system and my rights as a victim
The services I received helped me to exercise my victim’s rights during the criminal justice process
I have a better understanding of local services/resources available to victims of crime and how to access them for support
I have the information I need to make informed decisions about contacting other support services
I have an increased knowledge of the victim compensation program, restitution, and other financial assistance services
The services offered reduced my anxiety about participating in the criminal justice process
The advocacy services provided were helpful
I am satisfied with the services of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office Victim Services Unit
I would recommend your services to other victims
Name (optional):
Phone number:

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