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Conciliation Court
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Conciliation Counseling

Conciliation Counseling is offered by the Superior Court under the authority of Arizona law (ARS§ 25-381) for spouses who are considering or who are in the process of divorce. The focus of this brief counseling is to assist spouses in making an informed and thoughtful decision regarding their future. A petition for Conciliation Counseling puts a stay or hold on the divorce for up to 60 days; and petitions for annulment, dissolution of marriage or legal separation cannot be filed during that time period.

Evaluation Services

A Child Custody and Parenting Review Conference is a meeting with an evaluator to gather important information regarding the family. The evaluator will interview the parents to identify whether there are areas of agreement, what issues are in dispute and whether there are parental concerns and parental fitness issues. The evaluator may also gather information from collateral sources. The evaluator will prepare a report for the Judge that addresses the key issues regarding the family. The report usually includes recommendations regarding child custody and parenting time. The Child Custody and Parenting Review Conference may also include interviews of your child(ren) and/or observations of parents interacting with the child(ren), an individual interview of each parent, and other people involved with the family.

Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is provided to families by Order of the Court if the Judge finds any of the following:
  1. the parents are persistently in conflict with one another;
  2. there is a history of substance abuse by either parent or family violence;
  3. there are serious concerns about the mental health or behavior of either parent;
  4. a child has special needs; or
  5. it would otherwise be in the children’s best interests to do so.

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Mediation is a meeting with a mediator to try and reach an agreement about child custody and parenting time. In mediation, parents are encouraged to talk about their present and future plans, as well as the needs of their child(ren) in an open and problem-solving manner. The mediator is neutral and objective. His/her role is to help you work together to resolve problems about child custody and parenting time. Mediation is confidential and no information or recommendations from the sessions will be told to the judge or attorneys.

Parent Education

You are required to attend the class by law (ARS§ 25-351) if you are involved in a divorce, legal separation, or paternity case in which a party requests that the Court determine custody, parenting time, or child support.

Early Resolution Conference

An Early Resolution Conference is an opportunity for self represented parties to come to court, meet with the other party to discuss child custody, parenting time, spousal maintenance, assets and debts with the assistance of a neutral third party and possibly resolve all of the issues in the case. Early Resolution Conferences are scheduled in cases where a petition and a response are filed in Dissolution (Divorce), Legal Separation, First Orders for Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support matters.

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