Tribal Grants

In 2002, a coalition of Indian tribes successfully obtained passage of Proposition 202, whereby the State was authorized to enter into gaming compacts with individual tribes. The new compacts allowed for expanded tribal gaming devices, additional games and pari-mutuel wagering. In exchange, tribes agreed to share a portion of gaming revenues with the State and its counties, cities and towns. Tribes award funds for public safety (police, fire, EMS), transportation, health care services, economic development, and education using funds from Casino revenues. As a local government entity, Pinal County may be requested by non-profits and other agencies to act as a conduit for grant applications that will be submitted to one of Arizona’s Tribes for shared revenue resulting from gaming as required by the State. Should the grant be approved by a Tribe, the State requires Tribes to route the funds through the local government entity acting as a conduit for the funds, instead of directly providing the funds to the applicant. The Tribes still bear responsibility for review of grant applications, and the County only acts as a conduit for delivery of the awards decided by the Tribes. Pinal County serves as a conduit agency only should a grant be awarded, and disclaims responsibility for monitoring, accounting, or reporting on how the recipient organization is using the funds. The Grants Coordinator/ Grants – Special District staff person in the Financial Department is designated as the central point of contact for requesting County approval to apply to a Tribe. Once approval is obtained, an Agency may submit an application directly to the Tribe. The procedures that follow outline the steps required to obtain Pinal County approval to apply to a Tribe. The following procedures apply only to external agencies (nonprofits, schools, etc.). County Departments seeking Tribal grants would still follow the normal County internal procedures for Grants (County Policy 8.20), and therefore may disregard the following.

 Application Procedures for Nonprofit Agencies

  1. Print the Pinal County Approval form:
    Tribal Grant Approval Form (pdf)
    Tribal Grant Approval Form (word)
  2. Fill out the form and attach the documents that the form lists (use a separate form for each Tribe).
  3. Email the assembled packet to
  4. An email notifying you of your approval status and any approval documents will be sent to you.  Approval documents may include a resolution or signed application forms, depending on the Tribe.  Please check with the Tribes to be sure that you are informed of their different  requirements.
  5. You may apply directly to a Tribe once notified.

 Due Dates

Gila River Indian Community Grants:  
            County's Due Date:  TBD
            Tribe's Due Date: TBD

Tohono O'odham: 
            County's Due Date:  TBD
            Tribe's Due Date: TBD

San Carlos Apache Tribe: 
            County's Due Date:  9/7/2016
            Tribe's Due Date:  10/7/2016

            County's Due Date:  TBD
            Tribe's Due Date: TBD

It is the responsibility of the applicant to understand the due dates and application requirements of the Tribes, and to apply directly to the Tribes once authorization is received from the County.

 Links to Tribal Information