Pinal County Human Resources Web Links

ALIS On-Line
Online access to Arizona Revised Statutes
Arizona State Retirement System
Website for complete and accurate information about the products and services provided by ASRS portion.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Employees may find a covered medical provider by accessing the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Web Site using the section "ID Cards Without an Alpha Prefix"
Correctional Officers Retirement System
Retirement Information for Correctional Officers
Elected Officials Retirement System
Retirement Information for Elected Officials
Florence, Arizona
Website with information about the town of Florence, AZ
Nationwide Retirement Solutions
Pinal County's Deferred Compensation provider For questions, please send an email to Jason Herron at: or phone him at (602) 266-2733 Ext. 1158
Public Safety Retirement System
Retirement Information for Public Safety personnel
Pinal County's Long Term Disability Carrier
Walgreens Health Initiatives
Walgreens Health Initiatives Mail Order Pharmacy Program