Notice of Hearing - Board of Supervisors*

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AttachmentPZ-PA-002-14JULY 23, 2014DISTRICT 4
AttachmentPZ-PA-003-14AUGUST 6, 2014DISTRICT 1
AttachmentSUP-003-14SEPTEMBER 3, 2014DISTRICT 4
AttachmentSUP-004-14SEPTEMBER 3, 2014DISTRICT 4
AttachmentPZ-007-14September 17, 2014District 1
AttachmentSUP-008-14September 17, 2014District 2
AttachmentSUP-009-14September 17, 2014District 1

 Notice of Hearing - P&Z Commission*

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AttachmentPZ-PA-003-14/PZ-007-14June 19, 2014District 1
AttachmentPZ-PA-002-14/SUP-004-14June 19, 2014District 4
AttachmentSUP-003-14JULY 17, 2014DISTRICT 4
AttachmentSUP-007-14JULY 17, 2014DISTRICT 2
AttachmentSUP-006-14JULY 17, 2014DISTRICT 3
AttachmentSUP-008-14AUGUST 21, 2014DISTRICT 2
AttachmentSUP-009-14AUGUST 21, 2014DISTRICT 1
AttachmentPZ-PD-011-13/IUP-001-13September 18, 2014District 4
AttachmentPZ-PA-007-14/PZ-010-14September 18, 2014District 2
AttachmentPZ-PA-006-14/PZ-008-14September 18, 2014District 2
Attachment2014 Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Amendments PacketSeptember 18, 2014

 *Description of Case Types

Case Type Description
  BA Board of Adjustments
  IUP Industrial Use Permit
  PZ Zoning Request
  PZ-PD Development Request
  PZ-PA Comprehensive Plan Amendment Request
  PZ-C Planning Commission Initiative
  SUP Special Use Permit

Data Disclaimer
The graphic and documents provided are proposed by the applicant and are preliminary in nature. The data contained in this map is provided for general information purposes. Cases may be withdrawn, continued or have changes made to the proposed plan up to the hearing date. In order to confirm that a case will go forward to the hearing you may want to contact the department at 520-866-6464 the day prior to the hearing date.