Generic Outline

  1. A full copy of the County's air quality "Code of Regulations" can be downloaded here.

  2. Generally, any facility that has the potential to emit 5.5lbs/day of regulated pollutants requires a permit.

  3. An application requires a complete 2-page application form, including a signature from a "responsible party," including (if necessary) a letter from a corporate officer (VP, CEO, President) designating the actual signator as the "responsible party" for executing application and permit-related documentation.

  4. An application requires an explanation of energy inputs, products received and/or handled, products produced, and process of operations. An abbreviated outline of minimum application content follows. (See Code Appendix A and the Code generally for the "long version.")

    • a site plan, showing buildings, emission points and property lines

    • a set of elevation drawings, showing building eave- and maximum-heights, along with the height of any stacks or emission-vents

    • a narrative process description

    • a set of process flow diagrams; block diagrams, that identify raw material inputs, product or waste withdrawals, and energy inputs, and that also clearly identify emission-generating activities.

    • a schedule of primary production equipment/controls; either here, or elsewhere, quantify the production throughput maximum capacity, as well as anticipated "typical" production rates.

    • a physical description (height, diameter, elevation, flow rate, outlet temperature) of outlet vents/stacks, as well as relationship to process activity. That is, which processes or emission-generating activities discharge through which stacks/vents?

    • a quantification of emissions, documenting

      • emissions at maximum potential without control

      • maximum potential with control, and

      • anticipated actual emissions

    • a catalog of MSDS sheets for each raw material or consumable used in the primary production process, as well as any other products used on site that could generate more than 5.5lbs/day of emissions.

    • a copy of the existing facility permit, if one was issued by another regulatory jurisdiction.

  5. An application requires a fee deposit. (Pursuant to ยง3-7-580)