Animal Cruelty/Neglect: Abandonment

And finally we reach the topic of abandonment. Have you ever been driving down a country road and seen a dog sitting patiently by the side, looking intently at each car in hopes that your car is the one with the owner in it? At Animal Care and Control we find dogs in outrageous places all the time, obviously abandoned because there are no homes within miles.

People in Pinal county who abandon their pets or treat their animals in an egregious or deadly manner can be charged with a felony under the new Arizona Revised Statute dealing with animal cruelty. And you'd be surprised how many owners can be tracked down and prosecuted.

Our kennels are teeming with lost, abandoned or unwanted animals. However, even the animals in our shelters fare much better than the animals you have seen above. Staff at Animal Care and Control is serious about improving the quality of life for the pets in our county. We are willing to bring educational programs to your children's school, to your civic organization and to individual owners on a case by case basis. We are also willing to cite an owner who refuses to improve the conditions of his or her pet when those conditions violate the Animal Control Ordinance or state statute.