Animal Cruelty/Neglect: Food

  • That the animal receives food that is free from contamination and is of sufficient quantity and nutritive value to maintain the animal in good health;

Is there a difference between ice cream and sherbet? Of course there is. Both are frozen desserts but their ingredients are vastly different. Some people are allergic to dairy products and cannot eat ice cream. Others like the texture of ice cream and are disappointed with the taste or texture of sherbet.

Not all pet foods are created equal. If you own a dog or cat and they don't seem to be thriving on the food you are serving, they may have an underlying health problem that needs to be investigated. Or perhaps the quality of food being fed is not adequate. As the pet owner, you are responsible for making sure your animal stays healthy and that you provide enough food of adequate quality to maintain you pet's health. You should not be able to see ribs, hips, or backbone.

This wonderful dog was so emaciated he could hardly stand without assistance. He was suffering from advanced tick fever as well as malnutrition. He was covered with ticks and had serious infections in both ears.

He was taken in for veterinary care and now lives and works as a guard dog for Pinal County at our administrative building and main shelter.