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Res./Ord. #
Date Approved
062211-HOROP-016/22/2011repealing Ordinance No. 100592-HOROP adopting and establishing new Civil Hearing Office rules for Pinal County
051111-PCFC5/11/2011creating a Pinal County Fair Commission and Establishing its Duties
042011-ROC4/20/2011Ordinance of the Pinal County Health Services District Board of Directors permitting service charges to be imposed for the recovery of costs of certain services provided to the public
031611-ENO-013/16/2011amending the Pinal County Excessive Noise Ordinance No. 050306-ENO
022311-PZ-C-008-102/23/2011amending the Pinal County Code by adding definitions for Medical Marijuana dispensary, etc.