collapse Category: Appraisal Forms
   Detention Officer Annual Appraisal
   Detention Supervisor Annual Appraisal
   Employee Performance Appraisal
   Management Performance Appraisal
   Patrol Officer Annual Appraisal
   Patrol Supervisor Annual Appraisal
 collapse Category: Benefit and Claim Forms
   AmeriBen Flex Claim Form
   AmeriBen Short Term Disability Form
   AmeriBen Vision Claim Form
   Ameritas Dental Claim Form
   Ameritas Provider Nomination Form
   ASRS Long Term Disability Application
   Dependent Eligibility Verification Form
   Employee’s Report of a Vehicle/Equipment Accident
   Exposure to Bodily Fluids
   FY 2014-15 AmeriBen Enrollment and Change Form
   Mutual of Omaha-Designation of Beneficiary Form
   Mutual of Omaha-Evidence of Insurability Form
   Nationwide Beneficiary Change Form
   Nationwide Deferred Comp Enrollment and Change Form
   Nationwide Retirement Options Booklet
   Supervisor’s Investigation Report
   Supervisor's Report of Industrial Injury Form
   Travel Authorization Form
   Walgreens Mail Service Registration Form
   Walgreens Prescription Claim Form
   WellDyneRx Prescription Mail Service Order Form
 collapse Category: Change of Address Forms
   Pinal County Change of Address-Name
   PSPRS - Address and Name Change Form
 collapse Category: Family & Medical Leave Forms
   Ceritification of Health Care Provider form for Employee Medical Leave
   Certification for Serious Injury Illness of a Current Servicemember--For Military Family Leave
   Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Medical Leave
   Certification of Qualifying Exigency For Military Family Leave
   FMLA Tracking Form
 collapse Category: New Hire Forms
   Cell Phone Usage Acknowledgment Form
   Compensatory Time Agreement
   County Wireless Devices Policy
   Direct Deposit Form
   Drug Free Workplace Policy Statement
   I-9 Form
   Loyalty Oath
   New Employee Questionnaire
   Notification of Assignment of County Vehicle
   Outside Employment Declaration
   Personnel Policy Receipt Acknowledgment
   Personnel Status Change Form
   Pinal County Exemption Request Form
   Policy Acknowledgement
   Statement of Understanding
   Statement of Use and Confidentiality
   Veteran Preference Form
   Volunteer Service Agreement
   Volunteer Status Checklist
 collapse Category: Other Misc. Forms
   Fitness Center Waiver Form
   Grant Funded Employee Payroll Certification
   Incident Report
   Notice of Claim Against Pinal County
   Pre-Proposal Form
   Trip Exception Form
   Vehicle Emergency Log
   Verified Statement of Commercial Purpose
   Verified Statement of Non-Commercial Purpose
 collapse Category: Performance Related Forms
   Drug and Alcohol Consent Forms
   Formal Reprimand
   Management Referral - Employee Assistance Program
   Performance Improvement Recommendation
   Problem Solving
 collapse Category: Reclassification Forms
   Essential Functions Questionnaire
   Essential Functions Questionnaire
   Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)
   Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)
   Supervisory Position Supplemental Questionnaire
   Supervisory Position Supplemental Questionnaire
 collapse Category: Retirement Forms
   ASRS Return to Work Form
 collapse Category: Tax Forms
   2015 A-4
   2015 W-4
 collapse Category: Termination/Resignation Forms
   Authorization for the Release of Information
   Resignation Letter
   Separation Clearance Form
 collapse Category: Training Related Forms
   Pinal County Tuition Reimbersement Program Application 2010
   Training Agreement
   Training Service Commitment
   Tuition Service Agreement
 collapse Category: Vacation & other Leave Forms
   Pinal County Leave Donation Form
   Sabbatical-Single Period Leave Form
   Time Off Request
   Vacation Accrual Credit
   Volunteer Quarterly Report
 collapse Category: Volunteer Forms
   Volunteer Packet-Complete