Hours of Operation

Open 23 Hours a Day
Monday - Sunday
Closed: 12AM - 1AM for Cleaning



  1. Before starting any fitness program, please check with your physician or health care provider to receive his/her clearance to begin your fitness program.
  2. The Fitness Center is for Pinal County employees ONLY. No family members of County employees are allowed.
  3. In order to accommodate employees who work different shifts, the Fitness Center will be opened 23 hours a day, seven days a week. The Fitness Center will be closed daily from midnight through 1:00 a.m. for cleaning. Access cards will not allow access during that time.
  4. Employees may use the Fitness Center during non-compensated hours only.
  5. Please limit work out time at each fitness station to 30 minutes. This will allow the maximum numbers of employees to use the equipment.
  6. The Fitness Center telephone number is 520-866-6887. This phone is for emergencies ONLY.
  7. Please wipe down equipment after usage. The Fitness Center is a benefit provided to all County employees. Please help keep the equipment in good condition. If you notice anything broken or missing, please contact any member of the Wellness Coalition.
  8. Lockers are provided for temporary storage of personal items/clothing. Neither Pinal County or the Wellness Coalition assumes responsibility for any lost or stolen items. To secure items, bring a combination lock for that day's use. No lockers will be assigned to any one person permanently.
  9. No food or drinks are allowed in the Fitness Center, except for capped, bottled water.
  10. If you should leave Pinal County employment, your rights to use the Fitness Center will be terminated. You must turn in your ID/access card no later than your last day of employment.

 Entry Into Fitness Center

Place ID/access card in front of reader. Reader light will turn green and emit an audible beep (1-2 seconsds)

Using hand, push door open. Do not use doorknob to open door. Make sure door closes securely when behind you.

Please allow 24 hours for activation of ID/access card. Do not try to use ID/access card before the 24-hour period has expired.

Do not jiggle doorknob. The security system is sensitive. If the doorknob is jiggled too vigorously, the system will not allow any persons, with active ID/access cards, entry.

If attempts are made to use ID/access card prior to its activation, the security system locks out all cards until the system is reset.