Request Pinal County GIS Data

Pinal County GIS data approved for distribution is made available to government agencies and the public. The distribution happens in a few ways. Requestors of raw GIS data must understand that GIS software or software capable of reading the file formats is required to work with the data in most cases.
Government Agencies - Data distribution to government agencies is generally done through the formation of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between Pinal County and the requesting government agency. Any government agency that would like to share GIS data with Pinal County can begin this process by contacting the Pinal County GIS group.
By phone: 520-866-6023
By Email:
Public Data Distribution - Pinal County GIS data approved for distribution can be requested by the public. Just fill out and send the GIS Data Request Form along with appropriate fees and the data will be mailed to you.


GIS Data Request Form.pdf    
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