Divisional Judges

There are ten elected Superior Court Judges, Divisions 1 through 10, and eight staff judicial officers who hear cases in Pinal County Superior Court. These are divided into three different bench types:
    Civil/Criminal Bench
    Including criminal (CR), civil (CV) and probate (PB) cases

    Domestic Relations Bench
    Including divorce, custody and child support cases (DO)
    Juvenile Bench
    Including juvenile delinquency (JV), juvenile dependency (JD),
    severance of parental rights (SV), adoption (AD), and
    juvenile guardianship (GC) cases
Judges assigned to the Civil/Criminal Bench
    Honorable Stephen F. McCarville, Superior Court Presiding Judge
    Honorable Kevin D. White, Superior Court Associate Presiding Judge  
    Honorable Joseph R. Georgini, Presiding Criminal Judge
    Honorable Jason R. Holmberg, Presiding Civil Judge
    Honorable Steven J. Fuller
    Honorable Daniel A. Washburn
    Honorable Dwight P. Callahan
    Honorable Lawrence A. Wharton

Judges assigned to the Domestic Relations Bench 
    Honorable Karl C. Eppich, Presiding Family Law Judge
    Honorable Bradley M. Soos
    Honorable Karen J. Stillwell
    Honorable Delia R. Neal
Judges assigned to the Juvenile Bench
Honorable Brenda E. Oldham, Presiding Juvenile Judge
    Honorable Henry G. Gooday