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Another Way to Browse Our eBook Collection
12/13/2012 3:50 PM

When you first login to Pinal County Library District’s 3M Cloud Library, the screen will open up to the Shelves tab. On this page you will see row after row and cover after cover of books available in our eBook collection. You can browse these shelves, but not all of our titles appear here. To see even more eBooks, look through the CATEGORIES.

The screen might look a little different depending on which version of the 3M Cloud Library app you’re using, but the basic functions are available on each app.

 Categories on the 3M Cloud Library Apps Categories View on the 3M Cloud Library Apps -- Click the image to enlarge.

Before you begin browsing on the Categories page, you can choose a filtering option to help you expand or limit your search (the filter button is highlighted in red on each app screenshot above):

  • Include Books Not In Library – This option will expand your search to include ALL titles 3M has available for libraries to license. This can be a very overwhelming option because it will include thousands of titles that are not available for you to check out.
  • Books Owned by Library – This is the default option and will allow you to browse the books in the Pinal County Library District’s collection.
  • Books Available to Check Out – This option will limit your browsing to only those titles currently available to check out. This is a great option if you want to start reading a title without having to worry about placing a hold.

Once you’ve selected your filtering option, you can start browsing the categories!

Each category is broken down into subcategories. For instance, Fiction includes Classics, Fantasy, Romance, and more. On tablet devices, like a Samsung Galaxy Note or an iPad, you will need to tap on one of the categories you are interested in to see the subcategories.

Below we’ve tapped on Fiction on our Samsung Galaxy Tab and now we are looking at the Subcategories for Fiction. A book’s publisher determines the categories for each title and many books have multiple categories. For example, you might find Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich in Fiction under Romance, Mystery & Detective, and Humorous.

Fiction Subcategories on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you’d like to see all of the titles in a Category, simple select “List View” in the Windows PC App or “Show All Books” on your Android or iOS device. The List View option in the Windows PC App functions just like the Shelves “List View.” See our previous post on browsing the Shelves for more info on this feature in the Windows PC App.

On any of the apps, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click or tap “load more” for more titles to load in a category or subcategory.

If you'd like to browse through the categories without downloading an app, you can do that on the Browsing Website. However, to read a book from the 3M Cloud Library, you will need to download one of the reader apps. Also, the apps will allow for a much faster browsing experience.

Head over to our Digital Books page to find more information and to access guides to help you get started.

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