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Comfort Reads
12/21/2012 11:07 AM

In difficult times we all look for something to comfort us. What better way to do that than to read a book that gave us pleasure as a child. No one is ever too old to indulge in the enjoyment derived from curling up in a favorite chair with a soothing cup of tea or hot cocoa and reading a familiar book. Do you have children in your life? Then read out loud to them. The act of reading out loud is not only comforting to them but reminds us of the contentment we felt when we were read to as children.

Although any book that is familiar will be comforting, here is a list of perennial favorites, as well as some new titles, you might want to consider:

 For something lighthearted try:

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, noted that, “Whenever a school experiences violence and the lives of children and adults are lost, we struggle to find words to express our emotions and explain how this could have happened.” She encourages parents and teachers to reassure children that home and school are two of the safest places they can be. What better way to reassure your children than to cuddle together and make new memories with good books.

Additional information:

What are your comfort reads? Share them on our blog or share them on Twitter using the hashtag #comfortreads.
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