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Q. Why am I being asked to pay?
In order to download and read magazines for free using your library card, you will need to check out Zinio content via the Arizona State Library Zinio webpage.
If you use the Zinio site or the Zinio app directly, you are actually using their consumer product, in which Zinio has no way of verifying whether you are a library patron.
To prevent this error, all magazines should checked out via the Arizona State Library page, and can be enjoyed via the desktop reader or the Zinio app by clicking on "My Library".

Q. How many magazines can I check out at one time?
You can checkout as many magazines as you want - there is no limit!

Q. How long can I check out magazines for?
There is no time limit. Once you check out a magazine, it will remain in your library until you delete it.

Q. How do I check out a magazine?
Search for a title or browse by genre directly from the state library site. This is important and the only way you can be verified as a library user!
Click "Checkout Now" directly below the issue cover.
Zinio will prompt you to either "Keep Browsing" or "Start Reading". If you choose to start reading, you will be directed to "Your Library" on zinio.com. If you would like to read the magazine directly from your computer, download the desktop reader. If you would like to read the issue on a portable device, download the appropriate Zinio app (located at the bottom of the screen).

Q. How do I report technical difficulties?
RBdigital (the company that provides the Zinio service) has a support request page here.
Additionally, you can contact your local librarian.


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