Meet the Facilitators


Kent Taylor
MFR Project Manager
County Manager

Prior to being selected as an MFR facilitator, my primary duties were: I was a Senior Planner for Parks, Open Space and Trails.

Being an MFR Project Manager has: Given me the opportunity to learn a great deal of information about County Departments that I did not have the opportunity to interact with in my other assignments. I have a much greater understanding of, and respect for, our fellow County employees and Departments and the multitude of wonderful services that are delivered to our residents and customers.

Steve Frazier
Assistant Project Manager for MFR and GIS Manager
Information Technology

Prior to being selected as an MFR facilitator, my primary duties were:

Managing the maintenance and development of the County’s GIS data and enterprise applications. Outreach and data sharing with other government agencies. Support County departments with their GIS and mapping needs.

Being an MFR facilitator has really opened my eyes to the passion and drive that so many County employees have to improve the services they deliver to the public. It has also introduced me to some really good people.

Michelle Fiaui
MFR Training Specialist
County Manager

Prior to being selected as an MFR facilitator, my primary duties were: Training Needs Assessments, Soft Skills Training Development, Training Facilitations, Measurements Tracking to ensure that Pinal County employees have the training and skills necessary to serve our citizens well.

Being an MFR facilitator has afforded me the insight to varying departments in the County, thus broadening my ability to deliver better training.

Jim Petty
Airport Economic Development Director
Public Works

I have the same duties and responsibilities as I did before being being selected as an MFR facilitator. I manage and develop the San Manuel Airport and work to grow interest in and opportunities at the Pinal Airpark.

Being an MFR facilitator has allowed me to learn much about other departments I never knew. I think this will help me become a more aware and involved employee.

Barbara Kelly
Chief Deputy Recorder
Recorder's Office

Along with being a MFR facilitator I maintain the duties as Chief deputy Recorder, managing the supervisory staff in the recording and voter registration departments. Ensure high customer service standards are maintained by the wonderful staff in these departments. Assist in the Recorder's satellite offices as needed to cover vacations and or absences, and various duties that arise daily.

Being an MFR facilitator has enabled me to expand my knowledge of the county departments and meet the staff in each department. It has allowed me to meet a lot of the wonderful people in Pinal County, we work with who have a wealth of knowledge not only in there respective fields but in there interests and personal lives.

Jakenna L. Lebsock
Special Projects Manager
Pinal/Gila Long Term Care

Prior to being selected as an MFR facilitator, my primary duties were: developing Self Directed Attendant Care - a new statewide service option for AHCCCS (Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System), designing our Member Newsletter, and employee relations/development research.

Being an MFR facilitator has led me to find my first gray hair! Yikes! Actually that was probably due to my newly-mobile toddler in the house! All joking aside though, being an MFR facilitator has been an amazing experience. While it has required a lot of hard work, the amount of knowledge I have gained on departments across the County has been invaluable. As a young professional, I am inspired by the dedication and commitment to service that each department as well as all the individual employees have shown; it gets me excited about a sustained career in local government and all that the future holds for this County. An experience like this does not come around often, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the MFR Facilitator Team!

Alex Conrad
Pinal County Library District

When I am not acting as facilitator for Managing for Results, I am the Technical Services and Systems Librarian at the Pinal County Library District. I run the online system for ten of our Affiliate Libraries and provide consultation, training and technical support services to the staff and volunteers at our Affiliate Libraries.

Being an MFR facilitator has been a great experience. I am glad to be part of a customer focused, results-oriented initiative that allows each department and the county as a whole to aim high and share our successes. I am enjoying learning about all that we do for our residents.