Former Maricopa Mayor Anthony Smith Looks Forward to New County Supervisor Role


FLORENCE—If you ever visit Supervisor Anthony Smith’s office, you will notice a piece of paper placed by his computer.

The paper contains a list of campaign promises made by Smith as a candidate for the District 4 Supervisor position. The list is a way of reminding him of what he wants to accomplish during his term.

“As mayor of Maricopa, I did the same thing,” Smith recalled. “These are campaign promises I made and I will mark them off as each are accomplished. When I was at Maricopa, more than 90 percent were marked of the list.”

Some of Supervisor Smith’s platform includes issues that need to be voted on by the new five-member board, others he will work to accomplish on his own.

“I would like to work with my fellow Supervisors to create a deal-closing fund like Maricopa County and the state of Arizona currently uses,” Smith said. “I feel this could really help us in the area of economic development.”

As for goals he can accomplish on his own, Smith said he would like to set up regular meetings with constituents in the communities that make up his district.

“It is very important to keep in touch with these citizens,” Smith said. “I have a large and diverse district and it is incumbent upon me to open up the door of communication with the people who live in it.”

A native Midwesterner, Supervisor Smith moved to Arizona in 1997 after completing consulting work on the Iridium Project for Motorola. He lived in Gilbert and Chandler before settling down in Maricopa.

Since moving to Maricopa in 2003, Smith has sought to become involved in his new community and county.

“Maricopa incorporated shortly after my wife and I moved to the area” the new District 4 Supervisor said. “We were fortunate to become involved in the ground floor of our community. I served on the original Maricopa Planning and Zoning Commission and then two terms as mayor.”

While as mayor of Maricopa, Smith worked with several groups to plan for growth and quality of life issues. He was keenly aware of the role transportation played for the city since Union Pacific rolled through the middle of Maricopa and several potential road projects that could impact the area were in the planning stage. Exposure to those issues and other regional concerns drove Smith to run for Supervisor.

“After my time in Maricopa, I learned you can work with a wider audience as a supervisor,” Smith said. “There are many regional projects out there and many more regional partners to connect with in order to be even more effective. I sincerely look forward to working with other leaders to find solutions to our growth and transportation issues.”

There are two transportation issues keenly on the mind of Supervisor Smith. The first is the I-11 freeway project that would potentially connect Maricopa with a safe high-volume road to Casa Grande and provide important linkages to I-10 and I-8.

“When we talk about the commuter rail project,” Smith said, “The state is looking at five routes-each of them going through Pinal County. If that does become a reality, it would be nice to help decide which route is more feasible for our residents and the state.”

As for becoming a member of the county’s first five-person Board of Supervisors, Smith is optimistic about the next four years.

“I’m looking ahead to this term,” Smith said. “We have a lot of issues on the table. I’m sure we will be able to work together to move this great county forward.”
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