New Assessor Changes Procedure to Accommodate Disabled Residents


FLORENCE – Pinal County Assessor Douglas Wolf instituted his first policy change since being sworn in on January 2nd. The Assessor’s Office will no longer require permanently disabled residents who are already receiving a property exemption to re-visit their doctor every three years. Mr. Wolf stated, “Having to see a doctor just to recreate paperwork that we already have on file was placing an undue burden on the disabled residents of our community.”

The Assessor’s Office will also save time and money by reducing the duplication of paperwork and workflow. “It’s a win-win for taxpayers and for those residents who no longer have to visit their doctor to have the same form filled out more than once,” stated Wolf.

The Assessor’s Office still requires all residents who are receiving the widow, widower, or disabled exemption to fill out and return a simple one page affidavit. Those forms were mailed out last week. If you have any questions about the change in policy or in the exemption process, please call the Assessor’s Office at 520-866-6361.

Arizona statute provides for property tax exemptions for certain residents who are widows, widowers, or disabled based on income and other guidelines. Please contact the Assessor’s Office for more information.
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