Virtual Library Card Makes Accessing Library Resources Easier


FLORENCE – If you physically cannot make it to one of the 13 libraries in the Pinal County Library District system to obtain a card, fret not.

The Library District now allows residents the opportunity to apply for a virtual library card that will give them access to all online resources. To sign up for the virtual library card, go online to: (shortened url). At the bottom of the page in the middle column click on “virtual library card,” you’ll be taken to a sign-in page where you will be able to gain access to the online library.

“This is a great asset for those who are physically disabled or without the means to get to a library,” said Library District Director Denise Keller. “The virtual library card will open up a wealth of online information for the user.”

Keller added that the virtual library card will not allow a person to request or check out physical library materials such as books and DVDs. To obtain such material a person must go to a local library to apply for an actual library card.

The digital resources the Library District offers are vast and diverse. A person can read an eBook from the 3M Cloud Library; find information on such issues as jobs, genealogy, auto repair and homework help along with online magazines and downloadable audiobooks.

“The Zinio online magazine collection is a recent addition to our online resources,” Keller said. “People can see a wide variety of magazines online and not have to have pay for a copy at their local book store – they can see it online for free!”

Since the debut of the 3M Cloud Library offering free access to digital audiobooks, Pinal County Library patrons have read 9,250 titles from the comfort of their home, car, office or anywhere else an internet connection is available.

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