Animal Care & Control Attempting to Locate Owner of Dog Abandoned After Hours at Shelter


FLORENCE – Pinal County Animal Care & Control officers are hoping to find the owner of a dog that was dropped off between Friday night and Saturday morning after the shelter had closed. The dog was in pain and distress because a chain collar was deeply embedded in its neck.

The dog, a female mixed-breed cattle dog, was found in an outside holding pen early Saturday morning. After noticing the dog was in obvious distress, a supervisor was immediately notified. Upon arriving at the shelter, the supervisor, who is also an Emergency Animal Medical Technician, worked on the dog to remove the metal collar. It was so tightly constricting the dog’s neck that her skin was growing around the collar.

“This is really heartbreaking,” said Animal Care & Control Director Kaye Dickson. “We don’t know if this dog was lost and found by the person who dropped it off, or if the owner had kept the dog in this condition. Our officers are working on a few leads at this moment.”

The dog has responded well to the treatment she received over the weekend. Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue picked her up on Monday morning so that it could be placed in a foster home for continued wound treatment. She is not available for adoption at this time.

“This case really highlights the need for owners to check the condition of the collars around their pet’s neck,” Dickson emphasized. “An owner should be able to fit two or three fingers underneath the collar. This is a good way to check if a collar is too tight or too loose.”

Metal collars and chains are also very hard on animals because they get hot and can burn the animal’s flesh. Collars made from woven nylon, cloth or leather are better choices considering Arizona’s hot sun and warm climate.

Animal Care & Control is seeking tips from anyone who might know this dog’s history or who its owners are. Please send tips by email to

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