Supervisor Chase’s Message to Customers Served by Rural/Metro


FLORENCE, AZ – Ambulance and fire protection in San Tan Valley and other parts of Pinal County is provided by Rural/Metro Corporation. On Sunday, August 4, Rural/Metro announced plans to file for Chapter 11 reorganization.

“Yesterday I was personally advised by phone that Rural/Metro planned to file for Chapter 11 reorganization in US Bankruptcy Court,” Supervisor Cheryl Chase stated. “Naturally, my first concern was to find out what this meant for my district, which depends heavily on Rural/Metro emergency responders. I was assured that this was a necessary financial move and that Rural/Metro fully intends to provide the same high quality service to San Tan Valley and Pinal County residents that we have always had.”

Supervisor Chase wanted her neighbors to know that there is a big difference between bankruptcy reorganization and the sorts of bankruptcy that results in liquidation.

“Rural/Metro is not liquidating. They’re not going away. The company is working with its creditors to reduce its debts. US Bankruptcy Court, Rural/Metro and its lenders will have to agree to the new terms,” Chase said. “Rural/Metro has been in existence since the 1940s and I expect that we will continue to see Rural/Metro thrive in the future.”

“I appreciated the personal call over the weekend advising me of these developments and I fully intend to stay informed as the reorganization takes shape,” Chase added.

Pinal County does not provide fire service or ambulance services and these services are not taxpayer-funded. Depending on the location, these services may be provided by a district, under contract with a nearby municipality or by a private provider such as Rural/Metro.
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