Project Outreach

To build consensus, the public and stakeholders must be offered a variety of venues and methods to offer their input throughout the process. A variety of consensus-building techniques will be used to stimulate dialogue about the future vision, needs, opportunities, challenges, and creative solutions to address Pinal County’s long-term sustainability. Involvement strategy includes:
  • Meetings-In-A-Box: Since Pinal County is so large and our goal of ensuring extraordinary public involvement, “Meetings-In-A-Box” will be created that provide all the tools that any group (such as a homeowners’ association) to conduct a meeting or discussion about specific planning topic on their own and submit their findings.
  • One-on-One Meetings/Interviews: Throughout the process, the project team will meet informally with individuals and leaders to understand issues, perspectives, and ideas—one of the most important part of consensus-building is effective listening.
  • Milestone County Briefings: Important milestones have been identified in the process. It is important to give the Board of Supervisors and appropriate Commissions formal opportunities to provide input and comment on interim products.
  • Road Shows: Two rounds of “Road Shows” have been identified for this project. These events will be two-hour workshops with a presentation followed by facilitated dialogue about a specific topic (i.e., "The Future at Pinal" Report and Draft Comprehensive Plan).
  • Visioning Workshops: Visioning Workshops will be held to discuss visioning and future land use/development opportunities. Each workshop will be a three-hour interactive event in one of the six Pinal County planning areas.
  • Design Charrettes: Six Design Charrettes will be held, allowing residents to place important features in Pinal County including transportation corridors, employment and residential development.
  • Issue Topic Forums: The project team will conduct Issue Topic Forums. These will occur in Spring 2008.
  • Pinal County Visualization Model: A unique partnership with the ASU Decision Theater has been formed to explore public planning alternatives. The model will allow participants to visualize “what if” scenarios. Work group participants will be invited to ASU Decision Theater to evaluate and fine-tune the alternatives.
  • Municipality and Indian Community Leadership Consultations: Meetings with jurisdictions within and adjacent to Pinal County will be important throughout the project.
  • Alternative Workshops: Six Planning Workshops will be held to discuss and evaluate the alternatives and to fine-tune the preferred alternative. Each workshop will be an interactive event where participants will provide feedback in order to craft a preferred alternative.
  • Pinal Preferred Future Workshops: Following the Alternatives Workshops, six more workshops will be held to discuss Pinal’s preferred land use and transportation network as it pertains to the development of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Public Hearings: Formal public hearings will be conducted on the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan prior to its formal adoption.
Upcoming Public Involvement Events
Check the Events page for the forthcoming public involvement opportunities!