What is a Site Plan Review & how do I schedule?
A Site Plan Review is the process for reviewing plans for commercial sites to ensure proper parking, safe access, landscaping, lighting, etc.  To schedule a Site Plan Review, please contact the Department or refer to our “Documents” section.
Can I split my property?
The “splitting” of property (Minor Land Division) is determined based on the zoning of the property, the acreage and any prior divisions of the parcel.  For more detail information and instruction, please refer to the “Minor Land Division” information in our “Documents” section.
Where can I request for a special permit?
If you need to apply for a Special Use Permit or Industrial Use Permit, refer to the instructions in the “Land Use Change”.
Temporary Use Permits, Special Events Permits and Special Density Permits do not need a Concept Review. 
Can I rezone my property?
Any property owner has the right to request to rezone their property.  County staff cannot say whether the request will be approved.  The Board of Supervisors are the only governing body that has the legal authority to either approve or deny a request.  For more information, please refer to the “Land Use Change”.
What is my zoning?
The zoning of your property depends on the properties location. Please feel free to use our interactive Zoning GIS Map. Please search for your parcel either by address or parcel number (no spaces or dashes between the numbers) and activate the Zoning Layer on the drop down menu on the left. To find the zoning of your property , The Planning and Development can assist you by filling out the Zoning Verification Request Form, we will need an address or a parcel number.
Can I operate a business from my home?
Under the Zoning Ordinance provisions, certain types of businesses may be conducted from a residence as a Home Occupation in certain zoning districts.
What are the restrictions on the keeping of animals?
There are limitations on the number of animals that can be kept based on the size and zoning of your lot for horses and livestock.
What are the restrictions on the placement of sheds in residential yards?
The county regulates the location of all storage sheds and, in some instances, also requires the approval of permits prior to establishment of a shed on a lot.
What are my setback requirements?
The Ordinance requires certain setbacks from lot lines, the requirements depend on the zoning of a particular lot.