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Pinal County’s Division of Environmental Investigation is a regulatory agency employing two full time investigators to enforce federal, state and local environmental laws. The Division of Environmental Investigation responds to citizen complaints of illegal dumping in the unincorporated areas of the county. An investigation is conducted to identify the offenders and affect the clean up of the site. Pinal County does not provide collection or cleanup services. Last year the division investigated 289 cases. 223 of those were successfully closed within an average of 95 days from the date the offense was reported.
What is illegal dumping?
Illegal dumping is the act of storing or disposing of any waste anywhere other than an approved landfill or transfer station. Criminal violations carry penalties ranging from $500.00 to incarceration in prison for up to 1.5 year. Civil penalties range from the cost of a minor clean up, to $1,000.00 per day per violation.
The dangers of illegal dumping.
Illegal dumping often occurs close to inhabited communities. Children, who play, ride bikes, or walk in the area may be exposed to dangerous objects such as syringes from medical waste, glass, sharp metal and toxic chemicals. In addition the community is exposed to disease carrying insects and rodents such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, rats, mice and other nuisance pests that are attracted to the waste.
The cost of illegal dumping
A dumpsite is a magnet for additional dumping and if left unchecked can cause property values to decrease and the land can become unattractive to developers. If the government has to pay the cost of cleaning up illegal dump sites, transporting the trash to the landfill, and landfill fees, ultimately the costs will be passed on to our citizens through higher service and permit fees and property taxes.
What you can do to help
You can help stop illegal dumping by reporting it. As soon as possible after witnessing an offense, or finding an illegal dumpsite call the Pinal County Illegal Dumping Hotline at (520) 866-6400. Please be ready to identify the location as accurately as possible. Try to identify the person or company that did the illegal dumping along with a description of the vehicle(s) used and the license plate number. Describe what you saw and what was dumped. If you are witnessing an illegal dumping in progress, please contact the Pinal County Sheriffs Department at (520) 866-5111.

Public Outreach - Education

Pinal County Environmental Investigations goals:
Decrease illegal dumping - Decrease illegal dumping through public education, investigating all complaints, and enforcing federal, state and local environmental laws.
Education - Educating at the elementary school level on the hazards and consequences of littering and to encourage recycling, composting, and keeping “waste in place” by providing short presentations and demonstrations.

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