About Emergency Management

Pinal County Emergency Management maintains support staff available 24 hours-a-day to receive emergency alerts, issue warning and instructions to the public, and to coordinate with local emergency officials. The department is a point of contact for the State Warning Point and assumes responsibility for coordination when necessary.

 Mission Statement

Pinal County Emergency Management (PCOEM) coordinates emergency services and the efforts of the public and private agencies to reduce the impact of disasters on persons and property.

Emergency Management goals are:
  • To develop more anticipatory and customer-driven response to major disasters; effectively manage state emergency actions and to provide state resources to local governments requiring emergency assistance.
  • To assist local officials to prepare and maintain effective emergency response and recovery capabilities; assist local governments in identifying hazards threatening their communities; assist in the development of local emergency management programs and plans; and provide training to local government officials in a variety of emergency functions.
  • To support a public education program aimed toward individual, family, and community preparedness. Emergency preparedness training material are provided to schools, community groups, businesses, industries, and social organizations.
  • To inform the public of emergency operations and protective actions to reduce the impact of disasters on themselves and the local, county, and state governments.
  • To continue annual exercise and review / revision of the Pinal County Emergency Response and Recovery Plan (Emergency Operations Plan).
  • To assist all cities / towns / tribes in Pinal County with updating their respective emergency response and recovery plans (emergency operations plans) in concert symmetry with county, state, and federal plans; and assist with exercising those respective plans.