Adopt A Highway

In 2008 there were 19 “Adopt a Highway” clean-ups conducted by 4 groups. In 2009, there are an additional 3 groups who have contacted the county to adopt a highway. By 2011, there were 41 clean-ups conducted by 30 groups. There were 9 new groups who joined the Adopt-A-Highway program in 2011.

There are hundreds of county highways that can still be adopted out to groups who will help to keep them clean.

The steps to adopting a Pinal County highway:
  • Contact Pinal County Adopt-A-Highway Program at to begin process. Pinal County Public Works staff will meet with the group to discuss what is required to participate in the program.
  • There is no cost to participate in the program.
  • The road must be a highway which Pinal County oversees (an arterial or collector road). The County will not adopt out a residential road.
  • The usual length of the adopted road is two miles, although it can be shorter in high litter areas.
  • The group must file an application and special event waiver form with the Public Works Department. The waiver must include the names of the people who will volunteer to clean up the road and their signature. A waiver form is required for each event.
  • A safety class is conducted by the county for the group leader before they begin their clean-up.
  • The county provides safety vests and large garbage bags to the group conducting the clean up. The Pinal County Adopt-A-Highway Safety Requirements must be adhered to.
  • The county asks that the group conducts the clean up twice a year, although some groups make it a quarterly or monthly event.
  • The county will place a green and white sign designating the group that is adopting that section of Pinal County highway at the site after the first clean-up has been completed.

Public Works crews benefit by not having to spend time picking up trash from a section of highway that needs repair. A cleaned-up section is much safer and quicker to work on than littered roads.

 Community Participation

D. Hyde Arizona Farms Rd - From Attaway Rd to 1 mile west 11/20/10  03/12/11
Justin Lynn Hyde Arizona Farms Rd - From Hunt Hwy to Apollo Dr 02/18/12
Ramirez Family Attaway Rd - From Hunt Hwy to 1 mile south 12/11/10
Barkerville Babes Barkerville Rd - Helmwheel Ranch Rd to Majestic Eagle Way 04/22/10 12/04/11
D. Wofford Bartlett Rd - From Diffin Rd to Reed Rd 05/22/09 5/22/09
High Chaparral RV Battaglia Rd - From Sunland Gin Rd to Toltec Buttes 03/12/12
Valenzuela Family Bella Vista Rd - From Hunt Hwy to Gantzel Rd 02/15/09 08/19/11
Litter Bites Brenner Pass - From Judd Rd to Phillips Rd and Thompson Rd - From Phillips Rd to Hunt Hwy 07/27/07 6/24/12
D. Ferrante Cactus Forest Rd - From SR79 to Palo Verde Rd 10/29/11
Saddlebrooke Hiking Club Catalina Hills Dr - From Saddlebrooke Blvd to Catalina 4/03/12
Heet Family Coolidge Airport Rd - From Kennilworth Rd to 1 mile south 02/14/09
T & W Heet Coolidge Airport Rd - From Martin Rd to Cactus Forest Rd 11/05/11
G. Lewis Coolidge Airport Rd - From 2nd mile south on Kennilworth Rd 07/01/09 07/01/09
D. Frenantte Diffin rd - From Cactus Forest Rd to 1 mile north 04/03/10
C. Mosser Diversion Dam Rd - From cattle guard to 1 mile east 10/17/10  
Queen Valley West El Camino Viejo - From US60 to Silver King Rd 11/05/11
Gotno Ranch Florence Kelvin Hwy - From Wildwood to Gotno Ranch 01/10/10
Espinoza-Casey Family Frontier St (La Palma Rd to SR87) 06/12 6/16/12
Hoodz Cln Up After U Gantzel Rd - From Bella Vista Rd to Roberts Rd 10/11 11/06/11
Poston Butte High School Student Council Gantzel Rd - Skyline Dr to Empire Rd 02/25/12
In Loving Memory of Todd A Haney Gantzel Rd - From Roberts Rd to Skyline Dr 02/23/09 01/28/12
In Loving Memory of "Manny" Manuel Madrid Jr Gary Rd - From Hunt Hwy to Skyline Dr 01/2011 09/17/11
I. Reyes Hunt Hwy - From Arizona Farms Rd to 1 mile south 06/01/10 09/19/10
Christ The Victor Church Hunt Hwy - Arizona Farms Rd to Copper Mine Rd 02/25/12
True Glory Ministries Hunt Hwy - From Bella Vista Rd to Roberts Rd 03/06/10 05/19/10
True Glory Ministries Hunt Hwy - From Stone Creek Dr to Golf Club Dr 02/25/12
Life Point Church Hunt Hwy - From Coppermine Rd to Thistle Rd 03/30/11
Pan De Vila Hunt Hwy - From Wild Horse Dr to Skyline Dr 04/21/12
The Maher Family Idaho Rd - From McKellips Blvd to McDowell Rd 3/5/12
Cimmaron Trails Mobile Home Park Ironwood Rd - From Germann Rd to Pecos Rd 03/16/11 03/17/12
The Links Ironwood Rd - From Ironwood Rd to 1 mile west of Ocotillo Rd 12/11/10
M & L Millhouse Ironwood Rd - From Pecos Rd to East Valley Aviators sign) 03/14/11 03/17/11
East Valley Aviators Inc Ironwood Rd - From Elliott Rd to 1 mile south 04/16/11
Savage Real Estate Ironwood Rd - From Heritage Rd to Hiller Rd 12/29/11
In Loving Memory of Mac McQuillen Ironwood Rd - From Pecos Rd to Ray Rd 12/4/11
Vintage Housekeeping Ironwood Dr - Frome Ocotillo Rd to Germann Rd 03/2012 03/24/12
CG 4-Wheelers Jimmie Kerr Blvd - From Early Rd to Selma Hwy


Robson Ranch Jimmie Kerr Blvd - From MP185 to MP 187 04/12/12
Villa Oasis School Jimmie Kerr Blvd - Sunland Gin Rd to Toltec Hwy 04/07/12
Saddlebrooke Community Church Largo Del Oro - From Ridge View to 1 mile south 06/25/10
Saddlebrooke Community Church Largo del Oro Parkway - From Edwin Rd to Mountain View Blvd 02/16/12
Frito Lay (City of Casa Grande) Maricopa Casa Grande Hwy - Burris Rd to Ethington Rd 10/28/11
Pinal County Adult Probation McCartney Rd - Cox Rd to Overfield Rd 12/10/11
Sierra Oaks Community School Mount Lemmon Hwy - American Ave to Petracci Rd 10/22/11
C. Hughes Mountain View Rd - From Broadway Rd to Superstition Blvd 06/21/09
The Links Ocotillo Rd - From 1 mile west of Ocotillo Rd to 1 mile east of Ocotillo Rd 03/06/12
Campus Crusade Overfield Rd - From Woodruff to McCartney Rd 10/17/09
Queen Valley RV Queen Valley Rd - From Queen Valley Dr to Hewitt Station Rd 01/07/12
Queen Valley HOA Queen Valley Rd - From Hewitt Station Rd to US 60 03/06/12
P&J Franciosi Redington Rd - From MP50 to MP51 05/06/11
K. Laabs Sr & B&J White Redington Rd - From MP51 to MP52 10/20/11
K&L Laabs Redington Rd - From MP52 to MP53 04/2011
Saddlebrooke Cycle Masters Saddlebrooke Blvd - From SR77 to Mountain View Blvd 10/08/11
Saddlebrooke Cycle Masters Saddlebrooke Blvd - From Mountain View to Oracle Rd 03/09/10
Saddlebrooke Community Church Saddlebrooke Blvd - From Largo Del Oro to mailboxes 11/16/10
Saddlebrooke West Saddlebrooke Blvd - From Moutain View to Oracle Rd 10/23/10
River Road Community River Road From Verdugo Ranch to SR77 02/04/12
Robson Ranch SR84 - From Toltec Rd to 1 mile east  
Robson Ranch SR84 - From Toltec Rd to 1 mile west 06/14/10
Arizona City Moose Lodge Sunland Gin Rd - From Battaglia to Houser Rd 04/21/12
In loving memory of Linda G White Veteran's Memorial Blvd - From MP 50 to MP 51 04/19/12
San Manuel Gila River Leos Club Webb Rd - From 2 miles east of Webb / Reddington Rd intersection to 3 miles east of Reddington Rd 01/27/10 01/27/10
San Manel Gailuro Mountain Lion Foundation Webb Rd - From Reddington Rd to 1 mile west 01/15/10 01/15/10