Gina D’Abella

Gina D’Abella is the Executive Director of Environmental Concerns Organization, Inc. (ECO), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 1996. ECO focuses its efforts on environmental stewardship and sustainable community development projects. Over the past fourteen years, Ms. D’Abella has volunteered 30,000 hours of her time managing ECO’s operations and participating in local, county, and state planning and environmental committees:

* Pinal County Environment & Growth Taskforce
* Maricopa Incorporation Committee
* Maricopa Grant Writing Committee
* Wildcat Dumping Taskforce
* Arizona Recycling Coalition – Legislative Committee
* Arizona Recycling Coalition – Recycling Policy Advisory Committee
* Maricopa Redevelopment District Advisory Committee

In addition, Ms. D’Abella has participated in Pinal County Comprehensive Planning and Transportation meetings, Pinal County and Maricopa’s Parks, Trails, and Open Space planning, the City of Maricopa’s General Plan, and the City of Maricopa’s Green City Initiatives.