Pinal County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan provides a guide for decisions by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Supervisors concerning growth and development. It provides an understanding of existing and proposed land use for the public and land developers.

This Plan is advisory in nature. Its goals and policies aim for an "ideal” scenario, meaning that occasionally one goal may be in conflict with another goal. Circumstances may arise that are not directly addressed by the Plan. For example, the issues related to the geography of a particular site or the circumstances of a specific proposal are rarely straightforward. As such, the Plan provides guidance in the decision making process, but not the "final word”.

One primary concern must be fair resolution of conflicting interests. All institutions, political, social, economic, and educational, need to work together to address their varied interests, values, desires, and the perception of what goals, objectives and policies are needed for growth and development in the County. Public involvement is essential in the development, of these broad stated goals.

These broad stated goals are the foundation on which land use policies and proposals have been constructed to help provide a means of addressing some of these specific and widely differing individual interests and for integrating them on a countywide basis through the vehicle of the Comprehensive Plan.

Visit the Comprehensive Plan page for more information

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