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Sanitary Code Update

Pinal County Environmental Health Services is currently working on an update to the Pinal County Sanitary Code (PCSC). This process will involve working with stakeholders, including elected officials, regulators, industry, and the public, to provide input into the revision. The PCSC provides guidance and regulations to help prevent injuries and illness to the citizens of Pinal County and contains general environmental health provisions as well as specific chapters identified below.

  • Chapter I. General Provisions
  • Chapter II. Food, Food Products, Food Establishments, Food Handlers, Operator Permits and Rating Cards
  • Chapter III. Communicable Disease Control
  • Chapter IV. Animals, Birds, Fowls, Rodents and Fly Breeding Control
  • Chapter V. Handling and Disposition of Garbage, Rubbish, and Refuse
  • Chapter VI. Trailer Coach Parks
  • Chapter VII. Schools and Facilities Housing Children
  • Chapter VIII. Camps and Camp Grounds
  • Chapter IX. Public and Semi-Public Bathing Places Chapter X. On-Site Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Chapter XI. Adoption of Administrative Rules and Regulations (A & B)

This process will involve a series of stakeholder's and/or public meetings to solicit input into the code revision. Please refer to the documents below for more specific information on the code revision process, meeting schedules, etc.