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Grant Procedures for Departments
County Policy 8.20 outlines the policies for applying to grants. Policy 8.20 may be found here. Any Department seeking grants must follow to these policies.

Pre-Proposal Form
Departments must submit a properly completed “pre-proposal” form, and have it properly approved, before submitting an application, or otherwise seeking funds, from a Funding Entity. This requirement comes from County Policy 8.20. Pinal County now uses a SharePoint system for pre-proposal forms, which can be accessed (on the county network only) at http://sharepoint/grants by authorized users of the system. If you are not currently authorized as user for this system, please contact the Grants Coordinator to become registered and receive training.

Please plan ahead and allow sufficient time for the form to be reviewed. The review will take place electronically on SharePoint, and users may track the progress in real time on SharePoint. Once approved, a final report documenting approval will available on SharePoint. For tracking and documentation purposes, please print this report to PDF and include it as an attachment on Novus if you have any Board meetings on the grant, such as when you request permission from the Board to accept a grant award (a requirement of Policy 8.20), or for other reasons such as if the Funding Entity requires Board approval in advance of application (this is rare but some Funding Entities require this).

Policy 8.20 also allows for a County Manager exemption process, if necessary. This is also handled via SharePoint, and there is an option to select County Manager exemption review instead of Normal Review. This review path bypasses the review of all Departments, except for the County Manager Office. Please use this alternative review path only when necessary.