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Listed below are the Pinal County Policies & Procedures along with the Merit Rules governing our workplace. Simply click on the Icon or Name of a Policy or Rule to read its contents.


Policy 3.70 Performance Management Planning was eliminated by the Board of Supervisors on June 7, 2017.

collapse01.00 General
pnp 1.05  Ethics in County Employment6/15/2016
pnp 1.10  General Provisions and Purpose6/15/2016
pnp 1.20  Employment Eligibility Verification6/15/2016
pnp 1.30  Political Activity3/28/2012
pnp 1.40  Outside Employment6/15/2016
pnp 1.50  Dress Code and Uniforms6/15/2016
pnp 1.60  Volunteer Service Program6/15/2016
pnp 1.70  Policy Developments and Review Process7/10/1993
pnp 1.80  Elections Workers6/15/2016
pnp 1.85  Pinal County Historic 1891 Courthouse Meeting Facility Use Policy6/15/2016
pnp 1.90  Use of County Issued Cell Phone, Smart Phone or Other Wireless Devices; Use of County Issued Identification/Access Cards6/15/2016
pnp 1.95  Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement6/15/2016
collapse02.00 Workplace Safety & Security
pnp 2.10  Security5/17/2017
pnp 2.20  Searches5/17/2017
pnp 2.30  Work Spaces5/17/2017
pnp 2.35  Occupant Emergency Plans5/17/2017
pnp 2.40  Computer Software Management5/17/2017
pnp 2.45  Use of Login Banners5/17/2017
pnp 2.50  Electronic Mail and Scheduling System5/17/2017
pnp 2.60  Internet Access and Usage5/17/2017
pnp 2.65  Social Media Use Policy6/7/2017
pnp 2.70  Radio Communications5/17/2017
pnp 2.75  Pinal County Geographic Information Systems6/4/2008
pnp 2.80  Confidentiality and Employee Records5/17/2017
pnp 2.85  Cost Recovery for Release of Public Data5/17/2017
pnp 2.90  Personnel Record Keeping5/17/2017
pnp 2.95  Responding to Requests for Public Records5/17/2017
collapse03.00 Terms & Conditions of Employment
pnp 3.03  Recruitment and Selection Process9/1/2010
pnp 3.05  Background Investigations12/9/2009
pnp 3.10  Equal Employment/Affirmative Action10/1/1997
pnp 3.15  Unlawful Discrimination and/or Harassment9/6/2000
pnp 3.20  Nepotism6/4/2008
pnp 3.30  Code of Conduct8/21/2008
pnp 3.35  Conflict of Interest8/21/2008
pnp 3.40  Workplace Violence4/28/2005
pnp 3.50  Hours of Work1/12/2011
pnp 3.51  Alternative Work Schedules9/1/2010
pnp 3.55  Grant Funded Employees 3/26/2008
pnp 3.60  Progressive Discipline and Problem Solving9/1/2010
pnp 3.65  Administrative Investigations4/15/2009
pnp 3.80  Gift Policy3/14/2012
pnp 3.90  Separation & Exit Interview Process10/1/1997
pnp 3.95  Constructive Discharge8/16/1999
pnp 3.96  Reduction In Force6/18/2014
pnp 3.97  County Owned and Take Home Vehicles12/21/2011
pnp 3.98  Calculation of Fringe Benefits on County-Owned and Take Home Vehicles12/21/2011
collapse04.00 Wage & Salary Administration
pnp 4.10  Exempt/Non-Exempt Classifications5/11/2011
pnp 4.20  Wage and Salary Administration4/19/2017
pnp 4.25  Evaluation and Compensation Plan4/21/2017
pnp 4.28  Compensation Plan Maintenance4/19/2017
pnp 4.30  Shift Differential8/17/2006
pnp 4.40  On-Call6/15/2016
pnp 4.50  Travel Time7/11/2001
pnp 4.60  Training Funding7/11/2001
pnp 4.80  Personal Vehicle Use and Loss/Damage Reimbursement11/12/2003
pnp 4.85  Overtime Compensation3/15/2011
pnp 4.90  Overtime Management6/29/2005
collapse05.00 Training and Education
pnp 5.30  Tuition Reimbursement Program5/25/2011
pnp 5.40  Degree Attainment Program7/10/1993
pnp 5.50  Cooperative Education Work Experience Program7/10/1993
collapse06.00 Health and Safety
pnp 6.10  Drug-Free Workplace1/3/2018
pnp 6.30  Smoking and Tobacco Products2/10/2010
pnp 6.40  On-The-Job Injury and Illness/Workers Compensation5/7/2002
pnp 6.41  Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan8/4/2010
pnp 6.41  Policy and Procedure: Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure Control Policy8/4/2010
pnp 6.45  Respiratory Protection Program8/4/2010
pnp 6.50  Reasonable Accommodation8/16/1999
pnp 6.60  AIDS and Other Life-Threatening Illnesses7/10/1993
pnp 6.69  Hazardous Communication Program8/4/2010
pnp 6.70  Employee Assistance Program10/1/1997
pnp 6.80  Vehicle and Equipment Operation11/12/2003
pnp 6.90  Driving Review Board11/12/2003
collapse07.00 Benefits
pnp 7.20  Holidays8/21/2008
pnp 7.30  Vacation Leave8/10/2016
pnp 7.40  Family Medical Leave10/18/2012
pnp 7.45  Bereavement Leave7/6/2016
pnp 7.50  Sick Leave9/20/2017
pnp 7.60  Miscellaneous Leaves With Pay7/10/1993
pnp 7.65  Leaves of Absence Without Pay9/6/2000
pnp 7.80  Military Leave9/6/2000
pnp 7.85  Victim's Leave12/3/2003
pnp 7.90  COBRA7/10/1993
pnp 7.92  Early Retirement Incentive Program2/11/2009
pnp 7.94  Van Pool Operations and Public Transit Subsidies7/1/2013
pnp 7.95  Guaranteed Ride Home12/21/2011
pnp 7.96  Employee Recognition and Awards10/31/2007
collapse08.00 Accounting Policies and Procedures
pnp 8.05  Establishing Bank Accounts4/4/2007
pnp 8.10  Cash Receipts10/5/2005
pnp 8.20  Alternate Funding/Grants 9/7/2011
pnp 8.30  Signature Authorization7/10/2006
pnp 8.40  Weapons Policy7/10/2006
pnp 8.50  Pinal County Travel Policy5/8/2013
pnp 8.60  Food Guidelines12/6/2006
pnp 8.70  Petty Cash Policy6/4/2009
pnp 8.71  Donations and Fundraising6/7/2017
pnp 8.72  Employee Discount Program6/7/2017
pnp 8.80  Capital Assets7/1/2009
pnp 8.90  Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Definitions5/25/2011
pnp 8.91  Vehicle Replacement10/1/2013
collapse09.00 Procurement
pnp 9.10  Article 1 - General Provisions
pnp 9.10  Article 2 - Procurement Organization
pnp 9.10  Article 3 - Source Selection and Contract Award
pnp 9.10  Article 4 - Specifications
pnp 9.10  Article 5 - Construction and Specified Professional Services
pnp 9.10  Article 6 - Contract Clauses
pnp 9.10  Article 8 - Materials Management
pnp 9.10  Article 9 - Legal and Contractual Remedies
pnp 9.10  Article 10 - Intergovernmental Procurement
pnp 9.10  Article 12 - Ethics in Public Contracting
pnp 9.10  Article 13 - On-Line Bidding
pnp 9.20  Procurement Card Policy11/30/2011
collapse10.00 Property
pnp 10.10  Personal Property Donation1/10/2007
pnp 10.20  Real Property Donation1/10/2007
pnp 10.30  Naming of Real Property Assets9/17/2008
pnp 10.40  Vehicle and Equipment Marking5/19/2011
pnp 10.50  Master Facilities Planning and Construction Committee8/10/2011
collapsePinal County Merit Rules
Rule   Law Enforcement Merit Council Rules
Rule 1.00  Definitions
Rule 2.00  Administration of the Merit System9/20/2017
Rule 3.00  Pinal County Employees Merit Commission
Rule 4.00  Announcements, Selection Process, and Examinations
Rule 5.00  Application Files
Rule 6.00  Certification and Selection of Eligible Applicants3/22/2017
Rule 7.00  Appointments9/19/2001
Rule 8.00  Promotion, Demotion, and Transfer
Rule 9.00  Promotion of Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers
Rule 10.00  Terminations
Rule 11.00  Probationary Periods
Rule 12.00  Disciplinary Actions and Administrative Suspension3/22/2017
Rule 13.00  Grievance and Appeal Procedure9/20/2017