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Superior Court in Pinal County Commissioner Appointments

September 27, 2018
For Immediate Release:
Stephen F. McCarville, Presiding Judge of the Superior Court in Pinal County, has selected and appointed two Commissioners to fill vacancies created by the gubernatorial appointments of Robert Carter Olson and Patrick Gard to the Pinal County Superior Court Bench.
Barbara A. Hazel, a former hospital administrator who currently works as a Principal Attorney for the Pinal County Public Defender’s Office, was selected for one of the two vacancies left by Olson and Gard earlier this week.
Karen F. Palmer, who currently works for the Pinal County Attorney’s Office as Deputy County Attorney prosecuting major crimes, was selected to fill the other vacancy.
The Presiding Judge also wants to thank Thomas McDermott, Kelly Neal and Megan Weagant, who were included in the five candidates identified by the Superior Court’s Judicial Selection Committee to move forward for the Judge’s consideration.
Ms. Hazel and Ms. Palmer are expected to begin in their new roles as Commissioners on October 22, 2018.
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