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Chairman Anthony Smith Chosen for Prestigious Leadership Institute
Date: 3/12/2014

FLORENCE – For the past decade, county leaders from across the United States gather in Washington D.C. for a week of intensive training.  The National Association of Counties (NACo) sponsors the County Leadership Institute to help develop leaders who are ready to tackle the issues that leaders face on a daily basis. 

Pinal County Board of Supervisors Chairman Anthony Smith has learned he will be Arizona’s representative to the institute for 2014. 

The four-day program led by the Cambridge Leadership Associates pushes the county leaders to develop problem solving techniques that are inventive and in touch with 21st century needs.

“I am pleased to be chosen by my peers for this training,” Chairman Smith said.  “It was a competitive process – a lot of supervisors want to attend this program.  I look forward to being challenged to come up with outside-the-box solutions for the problems we face in Pinal County and Arizona.”

The training will run from June 1-5.  The curriculum will focus on giving participants a basic understanding of adaptive leadership as a strategy of addressing issues government entities face as they provide services to their constituents.

“From what I understand about the County Leadership Institute is that it really pushes a supervisor to think about solutions that are relevant and useful to our citizens,” the Chairman said.  “This year we will focus on the demands of personal leadership in a new era of government that many are calling ‘permanent crisis.’ I look forward to bringing what I learn back to Pinal County and putting it to practical use.”