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Hidden Valley Home Searched; Starving Dogs Found and Rescued
Date: 4/8/2014
FLORENCE – Acting on a tip, Pinal County Animal Care and Control officers visited a home on North Ralston Lane in the Hidden Valley area to find six dogs in poor health from starvation.

In their visit to the home on Tuesday, April 1st, officers attempted to locate the homeowner to discuss the welfare of the animals. After receiving no answer, officers walked to the side of the home and witnessed make-shift dog runs and animals in various stages of starvation.

Officers noted that one of the animals was so emaciated that they could not tell if she was alive or deceased. The pit bull mix was found lying on its side covered in flies. After a quick examination, it was found the dog was barely alive. Officers were given orders to immediately seize the animal and transport it to a vet for treatment.

“This was a sickening find for our officers,” said Animal Care and Control Director Kaye Dickson. “All the dogs were found in deplorable conditions, no food, shade or even water. You can easily tell the owner did not care for these animals.”

The officers left food for the remaining dogs and took the emaciated animal to a vet where it was found that pit bull mix weighed only 25 pounds. Intravenous therapy was immediately administered in order to try and save the dog’s life.

An officer visit to the home the next morning found that the owner did have plenty of food available for the dogs. The owner claimed to have fed the dogs daily, but it was noted that food, food particles or food dishes were not present in any of the dog runs.

“This owner had plenty of food for the animals, but never bothered to feed them,” Dickson said. “We were able to immediately secure a search warrant and rescue the animals left on the property.”

A total of six animals were seized from the home. As of this time the results of the investigation are being forwarded to the County Attorney for legal action. Potential charges to the owner include animal cruelty and neglect. It is not known at this time whether or not the animals will be available for adoption.