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Five Months After Devastating Fire, Elections is Ready to Count Ballots
Date: 6/19/2014
FLORENCE – February 3, 2014 is a date etched in the memory of County Recorder Virginia Ross.

It is the day the elections building on Main Street in Florence was destroyed by a massive fire. Everything was gone, from elections tabulation equipment to furniture. Nothing was saved.

June 18, 2014, Ross, along with her staff, opened the new elections building in Coolidge. What was once an abandoned Pinal County Public Health office is now filled with the latest in elections equipment.

“Many, many people pulled together and worked to see that we were able to meet our deadlines when it came to the upcoming mid-term elections,” Ross told a gathering of dignitaries and residents on hand for the grand opening. “We had to start from scratch. This building was completely gutted and remodeled. I asked the staff what they wanted in a new elections building and they came up with their wish list.”

One of those things on the wish list Ross said was a fire proof vault to keep ballots and elections equipment safe from harm.

The 7,000 square foot building is roughly the same size as the old elections building in Florence. Except this former home to Pinal County Public Health is full of new, modern amenities.

“We had to gut everything,” Project Manager Archie Carreon said. “We are now in compliance with all technological needs and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is also a very energy efficient building. It was a challenging but rewarding project.”