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Commissioner Biography

District 4 - Barbara Brady

My husband and I owned a data processing company in Claremont, California. While in California I was a very active community member. I was on the Claremont Chamber of Commerce board, I helped design a Senior Center, President of Women’s business Network with over 100 members. Meanwhile my life long hobby was showing, trail riding, and breeding horses. My husband and I help develop a Youth Horse Program for the Boys Scouts of America which entailed fund raising, purchasing horses, tack, teaching, trail riding, and working with volunteers. There was a trail system where we lived throughout the local mountains which allowed HOV’s, joggers, mountain bikers and horseback riders, to share the same trail system. It was a constant battle at our county meetings for the right of way on this trail system.

In 1991, we purchased a cattle ranch outside of (at that time) the town of Maricopa. The ranch comprised of 55,000 acres of private land, BLM and State Land grazing leases. I had an opportunity to work closely with federal, state, local agencies, and am familiar with the practices that aim to use our desert lands in a sustainable manner. In 2007 we sold the ranch and the BLM grazing leases currently contain portions of the “Palo Verde Regional Park”. The fact that I am intimately familiar with the proposed regional park, is the reason that I joined the Open Spaces and Trails committee. I’m very passionate about the sustainable use of our open space and trails and I want to make sure Pinal County preserves enough land for our future generations, so they also have an opportunity to enjoy its beauty.

Before Maricopa became a city in 2003 everyone in the area was involved in farming and ranching. We worked together on fund raisers for the local swimming pool and helped incorporated the City of Maricopa. I was also on a 4-H committee, I helped organize and raise $20,000 for the Maricopa Little League and have been on many committees over the years. I am currently the Treasurer for Friends of the Maricopa Public Library, a past board member of the Maricopa Historical Society, and past treasurer for the Thunderbird Arena Community Council (TACC), which is our local horse group southwest of Maricopa. My husband and I currently operate a small acreage farm and market our produce through a local cooperative.


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