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Expect your 2017 tax bill to arrive in September
Taxes less than $100.00 are due October 1st. Delinquent 5:00 pm December 31st.
Taxes more than $100.00 may be paid in 2 installments:
1st half taxes are due October 1st. Delinquent 5:00 pm November 1st.
2nd half taxes are due March 1. Delinquent 5:00 pm May 1st.
Alternatively you may pay your taxes in full: Full Year taxes are due by December 31st. Full year payments received after December 31st will incur interest from November 1st.
Due dates and times are based on the Treasurer’s main office in Florence hours of operation and observed legal holidays. Satellite offices may be closed. If the delinquency date is a Saturday, Sunday or other legal holiday, the time of delinquency is 5:00 p.m. on the next business day. All taxes bear interest from the time of delinquency at the rate of sixteen percent per year simple until paid. A fraction of a month is counted as a whole month. Additional fees may apply.

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