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The Pinal County Transportation Planning Section works to promote sustainable growth throughout the region, and provide accessibility through the planning and development of a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system that supports the economic vitality of the area, protects the environment, facilitates efficient system management and operation, and emphasizes the preservation of the existing transportation system.

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Pinal County Transportation Planning would like the public to review our Regionally Significant Routes for Safety and Mobility (RSRSM) Update

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Purpose for updating the Pinal County RSRSM map:
  • The Pinal County Community Development Department uses the RSRSM's preservation map and access management manual on development to preserve, implement and fund Regionally Significant Routes.
  • Define a process of an updatable preservation map to account for newly adopted transportation plans.
  • Need to provide input and direction in defining procedures on how to ensure Pinal County captures compatibility with other regional and local plans.
Need for Regionally Significant Routes:
  • Booming county population growth
  • Rapid increase in congestion
  • Frequent traffic accidents
  • Restricted road capacity

Transportation Improvement & Maintenance Program
A five-year plan that identifies funding and establishes a schedule for completion of projects within the County. 

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Long-Range Transportation Plans
Plans that establish the overall transportation framework for the region.  

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Consists of Pinal County feasibility studies and services.

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Related Studies & Plans
Other studies of interest and historical study documents.

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Andy Smith 

Transportation Planning
Principal Planner
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Kathy Borquez 

Senior Transportation
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Gina Salinas

Transportation Planning
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