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What is a Document Type or Caption?

The Recorder’s Office Document types, also referred to as Captions are a brief description of the document being recorded. Document Types or Caption are divided into two parts, each part has no more than six letters, with the second part being optional in most cases. The document type or caption will help you locate only those documents you are interested in and reduce the time spent searching unrelated documents.

The Recorder’s offices have always used Document Types or Captions as identifiers when indexing recordings in their offices. AZ State Statute requires that each document shall have a caption briefly stating the nature of the document. Recorders started with only a few Document Types or Captions such as (Deed JT - Joint Tenancy Deed, Mtg - Mortgage, Claim - Mining Claim, Misc - Miscellaneous, and so forth) yet over the years the number of document types being recorded has grown requiring a need to expand the Document Types or Captions for each document indexed into our system.

Items are in the following format: [Caption 1] [Caption 2]: [Name]


Document Types in Alphabetic Order
ABAND - Abandonment
ACCEPT - Acceptance of Joint Tenancy
AFF - Affidavits
AFFIX - Affidavit of Affixture
AGENT - Substitution of Agent
AGMT - Agreement/Purchase Agreement
AMD - Amendment
ANNEX - Annexation
APPT - Appointment
ASG - Assign/Assignment
ATTY - Attorney-In-Fact / Power of Attorney
AWARD - Arbitration Award
B CERT - Birth Certificate
BANK - Bankruptcy
BI - Beneficial Interest
BI A - Collateral Assignment
BOND - Bond of Official / Performance Bond
BREACH - Breach of Contract
BS - Bill of Sale
BYLAWS - By-Laws
CERT - Certificate
CLAIM - Mining Claims/Mining Lease
CONTRT - Contract
CORNER - Corner Record
D CERT - Death Certificate
DECL - Declaration of Trust
DEED - Deeds of all types ie:Executor's Deed; Gift Deed; Trust Deed;Trustee's Deed
DISCHG - Military Discharge
DISCLAIM - Disclaimer/Community Property Disclaimer of Personal Property
DIV - Divorce
DOT - Deed of Trust/Mortgage
DOT C - Assumption of Deed of Trust/Mortgage
DOT P - Partial Reconveyance/Partial Release
DOT T - Deed of Release and Reconveyance /Request for Reconveyance
DOT-A - Assignment of Deed of Trust/Mortgage
ENCRCH - Consent to Encroachment
EST - Decree of Distribution, also an Affidavit of Executor/Heirship
ESTOP - Estoppel Affidavit
FORF - Forfeiture
FRANCH - Franchise
FS - Financing Statement
FTL - Federal Tax Lien
GSHIP - Guardianship
HOLD - Notice of Intent to Hold Mining Claim/Mining Lease
HOME - Declaration of Homestead
INC - Articles of Incorporation
J VNTR - Joint Venture
JDG - Judgment
JDG CONDMN - Judgment in Condemnation
JDG ORDER - Judgment and Order for Sale
JDG QT - Judgment for Quiet Title
LABOR - Affidavit of Labor, also Certificate of Payment of Maintenance Fees
LEVY - Levy
LIEN - Lien, Tax Lien
LIS - Lis Pendens
LIST - List of Creditors
LOAN - Loan
LS - Lease, Lease Purchase Agreement
LSC - Agreement for Sale/ Contract of Sale / Land Contract / Purchase Agreement / Sales Contract
M CERT - Marriage Certificate
MAP - Mining Map
MASTER - Master Document
MILL - Millsites
MISC - Miscellaneous Instruments
MTG - Mortgage
MTG T - Satisfaction of Mortgage
NAME - Fictitious Name
NOTE - Promissory Note
NOTICE - Notice of Completion
OATH - Loyalty Oath - Oath of Office
OGL - Oil & Gas Lease
OPTION - Option
ORDER - Court Orders / Probate
ORDER CONDMN - Court Order of Condemnation
ORDER POSSES - Court Order for Immediate Possession
ORDER QT - Order for Quiet Title
ORDER SALE - Order for Sale
ORDER VACATE - Court Order to Cease & Desist
ORDIN - Ordinance
P CERT - Physician Certificate
PATENT - Patent
PERMIT - Permit
PLAT - Plat Map (Subdivision Maps) / Recorded Plat / Subdivision Plat
PSHIP - Partnership
PURCH - Certificate of Purchase / Sale
RATIF - Ratification
REDEEM - Redemption
REL - Release
RELINQ - Relinquish / Relinquishment
RENEW - Renewal
RENTS - Assignments of Rents
REQ N - Request for Notice
RESOL - Resolutions
RESTR - CC&R’S (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions); Declaration of Restrictions; Restriction
RIDER - Deed of Trust Rider
ROW - Easement; Right of Way
SA - Security Agreement
SALE - Notice of Trustee’s Sale
STL - State Tax Lien
SUBORD - Subordination
SURVEY - Survey, Survey Map
SUSPND - Summary Suspension of Approval
TAKING - Declaration of Taking
TREE - Substitution of Trustee
TRUST - Trust
TX WVR - Estate Tax Waiver
VEMUR - Voluntary Environmental Mitigation Use Restriction
WAIVER - Waiver
WATER - Certificate of Grand fathered Groundwater Rights
WILL - Last Will & Testament
WRIT - Writ of Attachment / Writ of Special Execution
X REC - Erroneous Recording
ZONING - Affidavit Claiming Zoning Exemption