Public Works

Whenever you are impacting any county roads with your event, Public Works requires that you fill out a Right of Way (ROW) application. This does not mean that you will need to have a ROW permit, but this is a tool for their department to obtain the necessary information by which to determine the need for barricades, road access, and any other road work conflict. If you have questions prior to submitting a Right of Way application, or have any other questions about using county roads for your event, contact Fausto Burruel at 520-866-6348 or send him an email at

You may email the Right of Way application directly to

If you need to rent barricades or signage, you must do this on your own.  Public Works does not loan out equipment.

If you need to have weeds removed or the road prepared for your event in any way that requires the assistance of Public Works, call Jim Higgenbotham at 520-866-6421 or send him an email at

Note:  Pinal County does not close down county roads for special events. If you are having a parade you must make accommodations for a detour after approval by Public Works.
If you are having a block party or neighborhood event, neither the Sheriff's Department nor Public Works will authorize a road closure.

 Contact Information

Fausto Burruel at 520-866-6348  for traffic plan reviews,

Breanna Wannamaker for right of way application:                                    Telephone: 520-866-6033
Right-of-Way Permit Application 

Jim HIggenbotham for Road clearing and weed removal
Telephone: 520-866-6421  Email at