Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff's Department is often an integral support unit for any Special Event. Pinal County is regionalized into four areas, each with a Lieutenant or Deputy in charge. If your event requires special traffic control such as in the case of a parade, or if you anticipate large numbers of pedestrians or vehicles entering and exiting your site, it is wise to contract with the Sheriff's Department for aid in both traffic control and security. Here are some examples of when you might need to hire off-duty Officers:

  • Events involving large groups of people with alcohol present
  • Parades, carnivals, or recreational events utilizing public street access
  • Events occurring at night
  • Events involving remote locations, overnight camping, and fireworks
  • Events involving fast moving vehicles such as a motorcycle rally or motorized vehicle race

The Sheriff's Department does enforce the Noise Ordinance which specifies certain limitations of sound, measured in decibels, in particular locations. It also states hours of operation for certain decibel levels. If your event does present a level of sound that might be bothersome to adjacent properties, it is wise to contact the Special Event Coordinator or the Sheriff's Department ahead of time to make sure your event is planned properly for levels of generated "noise". Remember, one person's music may not be enjoyed by everyone in the neighborhood!

When planning to use Deputies as off-duty traffic or security personnel, make sure you contact the Lieutenant or Deputy in charge of the region in which your event is located. Pinal County Sheriff or Posse fees are quite reasonable compared to the private sector, but it is your choice as to who you use to manage the safety of your event. In any case, the Sheriff's Department may require you to maintain a certain number of qualified security guards on site, so this is a cost which should be considered in the planning stages of your event. A contract may be required for hiring of Deputies for your event.

No matter how large or small your event, safety of the public is always the number one concern. The Sheriff's Department is here to help, so please don't hesitate to ask questions of their trained staff when planning your event.


 Contact Information

Region A: Lt. Wayne Cashman at 520-483-3475,

Region B: Lt. Jason Villegas at 520-705-4245, 

Region C: Lt. Garric Berry at 520-705-0443,

Region D: Lt. Roy Polmanteer at 520-866-6121,

For more information regarding the Sheriff’s Posse please contact Harold McCullough at 520-866-5295 or