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Sheriff's Office

Country Thunder Thank you!
Date: 7/6/2009

Dear sirs:

While our group was at Country Thunder in Florence, Arizona on April 4th one of your Officers was a tremendous help to us with a small group of rude drunks. These people pushed there way in front of our group and moved our chairs then they were screaming and yelling at us that this was their right since it was in general seating. Since we had been there for many hours we did not feel the same way. We tried to get these people to move and they became abusive. This is the time when one of our group asked for help. When the officer came over he questioned all parties and then he asked these people nicely to move back and they became abusive to the Officer. The Officer then brought a couple of more Officers over to help defuse the situation. They ended up having to physically remove a couple of these people. The ones that were removed were fighting with the Officers. The rest of their group moved off once the worse ones were removed.

We have been attending the Country Thunder camping and concerts for 8 years and this has never been a problem before for us. I just want to thank all the Officers for their help. If you have any questions please feel free to call me. I am truly sorry to have taken so long in Thanking all of you.


Kathleen Poole