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Sheriff's Office

Letter from Jack Hacking
Date: 3/18/2010
Sheriff Paul Babeu
Chief John Fink

I have a neighbor who didn't feel good on Saturday. On Sunday he went to work. When he came home from work on Sunday he didn't feel good. His wife wanted to take him to the Emergency Room but Dean was a little stubborn and said no, I will make an appointment to see the doctor this week. On Monday he made the appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday.

Dean was 83 years old and would be 84 in May. He didn't have to work but Dean was a person that needed to keep busy all the time. He worked 24 to 30 hours a week on the SaddleBrooke HOA #1 Golf Course Maintenance Crew. Other employees on the crew always told me that Dean was such a hard worker and a SUPER Person. Most everyone in SaddleBrooke knew Dean.

Late on Monday afternoon Dean was in the kitchen and suffered a Heart Attack. His wife Carol immediately called 911 and Golder Ranch Fire responded immediately with an Ambulance and an Engine.

Deputy Andrew Wickstrom and Sgt. Don Gowanlock responded to the scene.

The Fire Fighters worked on Dean for a long period of time but were unable to bring him back and he died.

On Tuesday morning I met with Dean's wife Carol.

Carol told me that the Fire Fighters were so caring and worked so long on Dean. She said they were absolutely wonderful. She was so thankful that we have such a wonderful Fire Department.

She said Jack you can't believe how nice and helpful the two Deputies were. They gathered the necessary information but they went above and beyond to help her and stayed with her until the Funeral Home people arrived.

She said Jack those two Deputies were wonderful and she was very thankful.

On Tuesday I also talked with a close friend of Dean and Carol's who lives a few blocks away in SaddleBrooke. Carol called this lady and her husband while the Fire Fighters were working on Dean and they arrived on the scene. She also told me that The Fire Fighters and the two Deputies were absolutely wonderful and very caring people.

Thank you for a job very well done.

John, I have not had a chance to meet the new Fire Chief. Would you see that he gets a copy of my email.

Thank you,
Jack Hacking, Retired
Public Safety Director
Police and Fire